Remarkable 2006 World Cup is about to pull the curtain on June 9, qualifier bloody escape the world football top 32, will start more brutal intense finals competition in Germany. From the 15th to start, Xinhua News Agency 's daily frequency will be two teams and the team, coach, star structure of 32 consecutive broadcast competition introduced to the 30th All advertised completed.

Neither gorgeous legs, no dazzling match, but the German team has reached the 1930 and 1950 in addition to outside each session of the World Cup finals and won the championship three times, this can not but cause surprised. To ensure the German tanks courage is their simple and practical style of play and the Germans never give up spirit.

Simple, practical Germany football jerseys has been a tradition of relying on the whole rather than the individual is the essence of German football. In the 1954 World Cup, the famous Walther 11 is to rely on the overall fit and formulaic attack, in a 3-2 victory over Sweden was the heyday of the Hungarian team won the first German World Cup champion. 20 years later, Football Emperor Beckenbauer led the German team in the final 2-1 victory over the Dutch team, boarded the second highest peak of world football. That game also allows fans to witness the Germans never give up spirit. In the first half Xiandiu a ball, hosted by the German team did not give up easily, they even pull two goals in the second half and eventually won.

In 1982 and 1986 reached two consecutive World Cup finals, but missed the championship after the Germans did not give up their dream of winning the World Cup. They stick to the spirit of never giving up Germanic finally to Italy in the summer of 1990 was rewarded second Beckenbauer won achievements of the German World Cup dream. As a head coach, Football Emperor led the German team in the final 1-0 victory over Argentina, won the third World Cup jerseys title.

In recent years, the overall strength of the German soccer downward trend, monotonous rough play and technology has gradually let the Germany team withdrew from the ranks of the world's super teams, few Bundesliga team and the German team won the European championship in 2004 in Europe Kam both the tournament group stage eliminated poor performance has been fully illustrate this point, but with the Germans never give up spirit, the German team but often bring surprises fans at a critical moment. In the 2002 fifa world cup tournament, generally not optimistic about the German team has reached the final, only because the flapping goalkeeper Kahn mistakes only the achievements of the Brazilian team to win. In the 2005 Confederations Cup, the German team won the third place.

In the successful bid to host the 2006 World Cup, the German team hopes to win its fourth reforming German football glory. The Cup, their group stage opponents Costa Rica, Poland and Ecuador, the relative strength of the team is not very strong. As the host, German made no secret of winning the confidence of the door at home. The current coach Jurgen Klinsmann took over the team in the beginning made it clear that: Our goal is to win the World Cup.

German team group match against Costa Rica first opponent in the opener on June 9 in. No superstar, has a rough technology and a bit boring play, but who can deny that German tanks will win the World Cup is a popular, because they are still flowing body of Germans blood, their hearts are never giving up.